Manage Classes Teachers Students Courses Exams Payments is an education management system built for individuals to large institutes to manage their class operations in one single dashboard. 

Admin Dashboard 1.3.0

Have your own
Online Teaching Platform!

Use our advanced Education Management System with innovative features to connect you with your students.

Live & Recorded Streaming

Our system Supports both live and pre-recorded videos, you can select among numerous streaming services for live classes or you can upload a pre-recorded video for your students.

Institute Management

Administrators can manage all the institute's processes with one single easy to use dashboard.

Personal Branding

Have your own personal branding with us. You can even connect this system to your own website or system. You can get a customized domain for your institute.


Live Classes

Conduct live classes through our system. You can select among numerous streaming services for live classes.

Customized Classes

You can add as many as classes to your institute and create different courses and different payment types for each course to get paid from your students.

Secured Classes

Our tightened security of live sessions with end-to-end encryption and secure user authentication, blocked direct meeting link sharing to prevent intruders to your classes, now you can conduct your classes more securely.

Dashboard for Institutes!

You can use to manage your institute. We have a wide variety of features implemented to help you manage your institute. Here are some of them!

  • Manage Multiple Teachers.
  • Manage Batches and Classes.
  • Comprehensive Analytics.
  • Collect Payments via Bank Slips.
  • Conduct Exams

    Exam manager can handle exams with an inbuilt question bank, You can customize question papers and let students register for the exam.

    Question Bank

    customizable questions

    Automated Marking

    Realtime scores for exams

    Exam Scheduling

    Schedule future exams

  • Your users

    On Institute





    Track your users

    You can keep track of Teachers, Students, and their activities in the institute,

    Send notifications to users in different scenarios.

  • Manage Payments

    Keep track of student payments and you get reports about monthly income and check the performance of the institute,




    #Course wise


    #Module wise


Feature Of The Week


Pay By Bank Slip

Now the Students can upload bank payment slip to the system and the Administrator can check details and accept the payment.

No need to send the bank slip to the teacher or admin via another chat.